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Dental veneers are thin and delicate pieces of ceramic that – when in place – cover the front surface of the teeth. They were mainly invented for cosmetic purposes as they give the dentist a great flexibility on how to change the overall experience of a patient’s smile.

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    Veneers are a perfect choice, when:

    • Your teeth are chipped, fractured or worn
    • Your teeth are slightly misaligned but you are not a fan of the idea of getting braces
    • Your teeth have gaps in between them
    • Your teeth are uneven in size, shape or colour.
    Veneers in Malahide

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    Amazingly crafted Veneers in Malahide

    Having a single veneer made is perfect for a single damaged tooth, but veneers are mostly used for more extensive makeovers. It is possible to have veneers on only 2 or 4 teeth, but you can have all the teeth within your smile zone treated with veneers. Unlike crowns, dental veneers do not require the teeth to be filed down to a major extent. It is only a teeny-tiny thin layer that needs to be removed to create space for the future veneer – otherwise the teeth would look too bulky in the end.
    Thin layer removed befor veneers
    The overall process takes about a week to finish and involves a high-end dental laboratory where the final veneers are manufactured. A great feature about veneers is that patients can actually request for a wax-up model of the planned veneers, to make the decision easier for them. The wax-up model will clearly show how the fitted veneers will improve the aesthetics of your teeth, what their size and shape and alignment will look like.
    Veneers only four front teeth
    Veneers are the quickest, safest and less invasive way for a smile makeover, but important to keep in mind that good outcome is always a result of cooperation and great communication between patiend and dentist. Feel free to express your needs and preferences as precisely as possible!
    Veneers on patient