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Very few would argue that choosing dentistry as your profession is a life-long commitment. During his years of education and the early years of being a practitioner in his home country Hungary, Dr Daniel Hargitai realized that his chosen profession quickly became his passion for life. He has started to work in Ireland in 2012 and has gained experience from several private dental practices. Being known as a genuine perfectionist by his colleagues and patients, Dr Hargitai has discovered his dedication to aesthetic dentistry and has worked hard to improve his skills in this field. He had a vision of a dental practice of his own where the environment, the team and the equipment perfectly support quality dental care and an exclusive patient experience. A not too long while ago he has discovered a lovely place he could see being a home to his own dental practice and did not hesitate for long before the planning and the construction works had started to make the vision come alive. Today, Bespoke Dental provides not only cosmetic dental services but a wide range of treatments from conservative treatments to complex restorations and smile-makeovers. The Bespoke Dental Team offers late opening hours and weekend options as well as emergency help for patients in need of quick help. If you want to have a dentist appointment in a short time or even the next day, call Dr. Hagitai, the only emergency dentist in Malahide.

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The get the desired outcome of a dental treatment, a patient needs two things. A skilled and knowledgeable dentist to understand their point of view and a dental clinic with all the equipment and materials needed for advanced dental techniques. At Bespoke Dental, our aim is to create a stress-free environment and an atmosphere of trust while not making compromises on the quality of our treatments. We are happy to help preserve the health of teeth, and of course, to restore it when needed. We’re proud of every tooth we’ve saved by performing a root canal treatment on it, every strong and durable implant we’ve placed and every aesthetic filling that made our patients say ‘wow’.

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