Teeth whitening
Who does not want
whiter teeth?
With today’s high beauty standards, teeth whitening procedures are becoming more and more popular. The process is gentle, yet highly effective, providing the patients with brighter teeth, and a more vibrant and confident appearance in general.

Teeth whitening
is great for patients who
  • Drink a lot of highly pigmented beverages such as tea, coffee or red wine
  • Smoke regularly
  • Are born with darker shades of teeth and are unhappy with how they look
  • Have major smile makeover work planned.
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Teeth Whitening
The main component of the bleaching products is hydrogen-peroxide that is capable to dissolve the little microscopic particles on the teeth that cause discolouration. Just like in case of building a house, a good and firm foundation is a must before anything can be built on it. In case of teeth whitening, this foundation is oral hygiene. It is absolutely necessary to first undergo a professional dental hygiene treatment in order to remove any and all tartar, debris and plaque built up on the teeth, over or under the gums. The tooth enamel is then gently polished, leaving a perfectly smooth, shiny surface behind. Gums may need a little bit of regeneration after the hygiene treatment but this shall not take longer than 1 or 2 days before bleaching can be started.
For the actual bleaching process, an impression needs to be taken of your teeth first. Your whitening tray will be manufactured based on this impression as the whitening tray is supposed to precisely fit your teeth. When you return to our office to collect your whitening kit, you will get detailed instructions on how to use them at home. You’ll need to place a few drops of your whitening gel into your tray and place them on your teeth for the recommended preiod of time. You’ll repeat the same proces for 8-14 days until the desired result is achieved.
Teeth Whitening
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