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During the planning stage of Bespoke Dental Clinic, Dr Daniel Hargitai has first set the basic professional and ethical standards his future clinic must always stick to. He has always dreamt of a clinic where patients are treated taking not only their medical and dental concerns, but also their life circumstances and dignity into consideration.

By today, Bespoke dental has become a place where patients will get a tailor-made service at all stages of their treatment. Dr Hargitai found that the only possible way to make patients happy on the long run is to listen carefully and understand their specific needs and preferences and act accordingly. The Bespoke Dental team strongly believes that their patients deserve to be provided with a treatment plan precisely tailored to their specific concerns, above all other factors.

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    The clinic is now offering a wide range of dental treatments from endodontics to implant surgeries in order to create suitably nuanced treatment plans for all patients. The clinic management is keen on purchasing the latest technology equipment and also a large selection of the latest generation dental materials. Our partner dental lab provides world class restorations so whatever treatment option our patients undergo, the result will not only be strikingly aesthetic, but will also serve our patients for the longest possible time.

    While we know exactly that dentist visits may sometimes be stressful for some, we trust that in a friendly environment even the toughest anxiety can be reduced. We have designed our waiting area and treatment rooms keeping in mind that most patients would feel better in a place that has a welcoming and stress-free atmosphere to keep those negative thoughts away.
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    Fixed braces

    Fixed or conventional braces are attached to the teeth in a special position by your orthodontist therefore can't be removed for the duration of your treatment. The wire that goes through the brackets gets changed regularly to thicker and stronger ones as the treatment progresses (generally known as 'tightening the braces') - for this reason you need to see your orthodontist every 4-8 weeks for adjustments. If you have fixed braces, you need to look after them and your teeth underneath especially well. This means staying away from hard and chewy foods and keeping an excellent oral hygiene by brushing your teeth after every meal. If you play contact sports, wearing a gumshield becomes even more important.

    With fixed braces you have 2 options to choose from: they come in metal (which is especially popular with kids and teenagers due to the colourful elastics we can use with them) and clear (ceramic) versions, the latter being preferred by our adult patients looking for a more discreet way of straightening their teeth.
    Fixed braces

    6 month braces

    Orthodontic treatment usually takes 12-24 months to complete during which we address both the aesthetic and the functional issues our patients may have. However in some cases focusing only on the front six teeth ('social six') in a much shorter period of time is enough to greatly improve a patient's smile.

    After an initial consultation our orthodontist can advise you if you are eligible for this kind of treatment or if it would be more beneficial to go with a more comprehensive approach.
    Six month braces