Full Mouth
full mouth restoration
Having a few or no teeth at all can affect not only your confidence, but may have a huge impact on your overall health as well . It is very common that many patients hesitate, assuming that traditional removable dentures are the only available option to have their teeth back . Luckily, modern dentistry has a lot more alternatives to offer. With dental implants, a variety of treatment options are available for our patients for a full - mouth restoration .  
Why is it important
to have missing teeth replaced?a
Our teeth work as a coherent system . If only one tooth is missing, the system changes. Having no teeth causes the bone structure to decline and the facial muscles used for chewing will drop over time, making the face look older. Missing teeth will also have a negative impact on the TMJ( temporomandibular )joint, which can lead to severe headaches and permanent muscle tension in the neck and shoulders.
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    Combined restoration
    Full mouth rehabilitation with bite reconstruction

    For teeth that are damaged or worn, or to have certain bite issues resolved, fixed ceramic restorations work like a charm. Even if some of your teeth are missing, ceramic crowns bridges or overlays are great in restoring your chewing function or your healthy bite. And last but not least – you can have the smile you always longed for.


    • fully fixed restoration with no wobbly parts, clasps or plates involved
    • the fixed parts have all advantages of implant-based solutions
    • feels like your own teeth
    • quicker and less invasive than having your teeth removed and replaced by implants
    • helps to save as many of your own teeth as possible
    • can radically transform your smile to your preference

    Should you be unsure which treatment is best suited to your needs, visit us for a consultation, where our professional dental team will draw up a personalized treatment plan for you.

    What are my options
    for a full mouth restoration?
    Implant-supported ceramic bridges

    If your goal is to have an absolutely stable, young, and natural-looking set of teeth, allowing you to eat whatever you fancy, this solution is your go-to! With this method usually, 6 to 8 implants are placed into the jawbone, and a laboratory-made ceramic bridge is fixed on top.

    • natural, life-like look
    • strong and durable, with proper care it can last for decades
    • very stable, allowing you to eat almost anything
    Full Mouth Restoration

    Full Mouth Restoration

    All on 4 treatment provides a fixed teeth solution using dental implants which help to stimulate the bone and maintain facial shape. This provides natural looking and securely fitting teeth removing the need for messy adhesives and ensuring no more embarrassing social situations. What is All on 4? The All-on-4 Treatment is a revolutionary new technique normally using 4 dental implants in the upper or lower jaw to secure a fixed set of natural looking, replacement teeth. This allows for a long term, fixed solution encouraging strong, sturdy support and a more natural smile. Full arch dental implants are the ultimate alternative to dentures and also provide an ideal solution for patients whose teeth are missing or failing. As they don’t require conventional bone grafting they are even suitable for people who’ve been told they can’t have traditional implants. The main implant surgery can take place under local anaesthetic in just one day.

    Implant-supported overdentures

    These represent the middle ground between the traditional removable dentures and the implant-supported fixed bridges. It might be your ideal option if you are looking for a more affordable way to significantly improve your appearance, chewing functions, and general quality of life. Here 4-4 implants are used in each jaw, to create a base for a lab-made denture to be clicked on.

    • more affordable than fixed bridges, as fewer implants are needed
    • stable and do not need adhesives
    • removable, thus easy to clean
    • helps to preserve bone structure
    Full Mouth Restoration

    Full Mouth Restoration
    Combined restoration

    If you are looking for an affordable durable option, with no invasive surgery involved, you can opt for a combined restoration.

    In cases when front teeth are sill relatively healthy and stable and only molar teeth are missing, very often the bone structure in the molar region is not satisfactory to house dental implants. Because there are no more teeth left at the back to serve as a base for a fixed bridge. So what else can be done?
    For a combined restoration, a fixed ceramic bridge is made for your existing front teeth, while back teeth are replaced by a removable partial denture. The fixed and the removable parts are attached to each other with hidden clasps, to make the structure stable.


    • aesthetic, natural-looking smile, especially with zirconium crowns in the smile-zone
    • invasive surgery is needed
    • removable, thus easy to clean
    • suitable for patients with a reduced bone structure in the molar region