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Are you in pain and need an emergency dentist in Malahide? We are here to help!

If you…
  • …have severe toothache which is not responding to your usual painkillers
  • …could not sleep last night due to the toothache
  • …have a swollen mouth or face
  • …had any trauma to your teeth/face, or you have broken a tooth
  • …are bleeding

  • …have a broken denture
  • …have a crown, bridge or implant that feels loose.


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Emergency dentist in Malahide

Dr. Daniel Hargitai

Dr. Daniel Hargitai is registered with the Irish Dental Council and is a member of the Irish Dental Association.His work is characterized by extreme precision, attention to detail and professionalism. He prides himself in increasing his patients’ confidence and self-esteem through their new smiles. Daniel has been working at Carlow Dental Centre, in Ireland since 2012 and has just opened his own practice in Malahide. At Bespoke Dental we dedicate full attention to our patient and organise our opening time to make sure we can see you on weekend days as well.

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