Do you live or work in Malahide? Do you sometimes think how much easier life would be if you found a good dentist in your area that you can count on even if you need urgent care? Are you considering to have your teeth fixed but it just seems so time consuming you keep postponing taking the first step over and over again?

Well, hesitate no further. Dr Daniel Hargitai is the local dentist you need if you seek high-end dental care in or near Malahide. Dr Hargitai is highly experienced in providing preventive, conservative and restorative dental treatments for his patients.
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    General Dentisty

    The range of general dental treatments our dentist in Malahide provides:

    • Time and cost saving preventive services to help you maintain the health and beauty of your teeth, such as dental hygiene appointments and regular checkups to monitor any changes since your last dentist visit.
    • Amazingly life-like aesthetic fillings to treat cavities and prevent further decaying in your teeth.
    • Beautiful buildups to restore the original aesthetics of your teeth after a small accident.
    • Precisely executed root canal treatments to save your teeth and relieve you from pain.
    • Extremely durable inlays and onlays that are hardly even distinguishable from natural teeth.

    Our dental practice in Malahide is ideal for patients wo are based nearby and are looking for a dentist who

    • provides flexible opening hours for those who are busy
    • same-day appointments for emergency situations
    • has an artistic approach to dentistry when it comes to the aesthetics of your smile
    • is great in understanding your unique needs and preferences.

    General Dentisty - Dr. Hargitai and his son