Dental Hygiene
If everyone maintained good oral hygiene, the majority of the dental treatments would simply not exist anymore. The main cause behind most dental problems originates from hygiene issues. Decays, inflamed nerves, tooth loss, gum problems can all be prevented with excellent oral care.
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    However, perfect dental hygiene can very rarely be achieved with at home cleaning routines only. There may be a wide range of conditions that makes it difficult to perform proper hygiene routines from the patient’s side. A tiny little piece of food trapped between two teeth may sound a minor issue to deal with at this moment, but this can soon escalate to more severe dental problems which could’ve been easily prevented! With one of the best dental hygienist services Malahide can offer. Bespoke Dental provides the help each patient needs to achieve perfect dental hygiene and avoid further complications.
    What does the
    dental hygienist treatment include?
    • Your teeth & gums are first thoroughly checked all around.
    • Your dental hygienist will then use a gentle ultrasonic device to remove all plaque and tartar from your teeth, even if it is below your gum level.
    • Once your teeth are perfectly clean, our dental hygienist will polish the surfaces of your teeth to create a silky smooth and shiny texture that is more resistant to further building up tartar in the future.
    • You will be given detailed instructions on how to perform the best possible oral care at home, introducing you to the proper techniques and tools perfect for your unique needs.
    Dental Hygienist
    Dental Floss
    We at Bespoke Dental are dedicated to follow up on our patients to see how their oral hygiene is improving over time so we strongly recommend seeing your dental hygienist in Malahide every 6 months so we can help you maintain what we’ve achieved together!