Providing a patient with dental crowns is a trusted method to restore severely damaged teeth.
There may be various reasons for why a dental crown is recommended:
  • When a tooth is broken / chipped due to trauma like biting on something hard or engaging in contact sports
  • When the tooth had to undergo endodontic treatment (root canal treatment)
  • When the teeth in general are not aesthetically pleasing in shape, alignment or colour
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In order to make a crown, your tooth in question has to be prepared first by trimming a certain amount of it. The amount of material removed creates the space required for the future crown. The actual crown fabrication is performed outside the dental chair, in a dental laboratory. Using high-end milling machines combined with manual techniques the dental technicians are able to create an incredibly life-like hollow structure which will then be placed and cemented on your previously prepared tooth.
From start to finish the procedure takes about 2-3 weeks in total, with a handful of try-in appointments being involved upon demand by your dentist. The procedures performed in each visit including the preparation, the try-ins and the fitting are pain-free. Your dentist will most definitely produce a temporary crown to protect your prepared teeth during the fabrication phase.
Aesthetic Filling
While it is very common to have a single damaged tooth crowned, extensive crownwork on multiple teeth may also be indicated. Crowns are excellent for smile makeovers as they can greatly improve your appearance by evening out your teeth in shape, size, colour and alignment.