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Aesthetic fillings

We all know what dental fillings are for, don’t we. Fillings are great to treat teeth with cavities, preserving them for years and preventing further damage. But fillings are not only used for functional treatment.

They are great for aesthetic restorations in many cases, such as:

  • chipped or cracked teeth
  • worn off tooth enamel
  • damage caused by grinding
  • teeth positioned wide apart, with gaps between them
Tooth colored filling
Aesthetic fillings are a single-visit treatment; therefore provide you with immediate results. It is possible to treat multiple teeth in the same sitting, depending on your dentist’s recommendations and your own preferences regarding treatment scheduling.
holey tooth

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The treatment is performed using local anaesthetics to eliminate any and all inconveniences during your appointment. After removing all the damaged or decayed tooth tissue, the surface of your teeth will be prepared and made easier for the future fillings to adhere to. Your dentist will now start to build up your fillings. This process does not only involve medical knowledge, but also the manual skills of an artist. During this stage, your dentist will choose from the really wide variety of shades of filling materials to perfectly match your teeth. Your unique colour patterns, the microstructure of your existing teeth, the opacity, colour and shape of your teeth will all be taken into consideration during this stage of the treatment. Once the filling is in place, you will be left with a restoration so lifelike no one ever will be able to tell is not natural.
Tooth drilling
With good at home oral hygiene, aesthetic fillings are supposed to last for about 8-10 years ideally, but it is always highly recommended to visit your dentist every 6 months for a check-up on them.